About us.

As a parent you always strive to provide your children with what is best for them, especially when it comes to education. Now the helping hand is been extended to you in the form of a Muslim school.

Although Al-Hidayah school is for yet grades KG to 7th grade, but it for sure will be the strong base for your children’s religious and worldly education in sha’ Allah.

Our belief is  that our school is a guiding light, and the our children are a bright future.

Al-Hidayah School has been granted Group 3 Certificate by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia, Canada to operate at 7-6th street in New Westminster. Al-Hidayah School was inaugurated on September 12th 2004 by prominent and key figure of the community. They all agreed and highlighted the importance of Al-Hidayah School in preparing moderate and skilled Muslim generations.

Classes began on Monday September 13th 2004, for grades KG to grade 4, and this was just the beginning.